Hey, I'm Clap.

This is my portfolio.


Take a peek at some of my previous work.


A 100% Discord based Crunchyroll account upgrader that integrates proxies, bypassing cloudflare, user authentication, and more! The client was extremely happy as this is saving him a lot of time. No more manual upgrading!

Bartleby Question Poster

This project was quite unique in the sense of what went behind it. The actual Discord bot has the frontend and backend, where the frontend is the communication to the user and the backend being where the questions are posted. This bot accepts both images and normal text at the same time for the questions.

Chegg Question Scraper

A discord-based Chegg Question Scraper. You can put any question in the bot whether it be a Q&A, Enhanced, or Textbook question and it will respond with the result. I have to create a render engine for this as I created a HTML/CSS template for each question type, which had to be rendered from HTML to a JPG. This project required the use of databases (MongoDB), proxies, perimiter x bypassing, and a whole lot more.


A wonderful email stressing service. I programmed the *stressing* api while my buddy handles the rest of the website. A lot of cool techniques went into this, and we wanted it to be as fast as possible which is why I made the obvious decision to make the asyncronize the api.


A Python Obfuscator that I created vouched by well known reversers. This is something I am very proud of, as it's easy to make something. It isn't easy to make it secure. This took a lot of thinking to get right, things like PyArmor are considered very secure (which it is no doubt) however, people like me can reverse engineer it which is why I created this.


An efficient means of checking if your application is being debugged. Every bit of the code is designed to be performant and reliable.


This is a fun little project that I work on when I'm bored and have some free time. A lot of thought went into it from how easy it would be for the user to use it, and how to mitigate attacks. Planning on open-sourcing this one day.


This project was inspired by The PC Security Channel's piece of code that would test anti-viruses! It wasn't available to the public, so I made it. Works like a charm, using some math and fancy C calls it works beautifuly while being very efficient.

Spotify Release Handler

A Spotify bot that would create accounts, scrape spotify songs by id's (id's also scraped), logged into the newly created accounts, creating playlists with a percentage of the songs based on a range of numbers, etc. This bot needed some waf bypassing and also had a lot of advanced components that were needed otherwise it wouldn't work.


A versatile, elegant, and complex Sellix API Wrapper written in Python. Anything that's possible with the regular api, can be done with one function with my wrapper.


Yet another beautiful API wrapper, but this time for Atshop. I noticed that many people called it "impossible" to use atshop without a browser as they use the DDP protocol, so when I had some free time I made a wrapper for it so people wouldn't have to worry about it anymore.


A hobby-project where people send me Python obfuscators, and I create unpackers for them.